Steve E. (12/29/12)

Less than a week after Quick Lane replaced the ignition coil on my 4-Runner, the pesky “Check Engine” light flashed back on, and the engine started knocking again. So I drove it back over the the service center for them to see what was the matter.
Dave, the Master Service Technician from my original visit, dropped everything to give my SUV the full inspection. After a while he determined that the problem was the fuel injector, and declared that it was HIS fault the problem wasn’t caught last week. They ordered the replacement part and asked me to bring my Toyota in on Saturday morning for them to repair.
I got to Quick Lube about 8:30, and they had the parts as well as an open bay ready to go. Dave spent about an hour making the repairs and then taking my vehicle on an extended road check to be sure that everything was working properly.
Imagine my complete shock when I went to check out and found that Quick Lube was charging me nothing – absolutely zero – for today’s repair! They claimed it was their fault that the problem wasn’t corrected the first time, and they wouldn’t think of charging me for all of the inconvenience.
WOW! Talk about outstanding customer service!!! These guys are a class act!