Steve E. (12/22/12)

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Care (formerly known as “Ford Quality Care Service”) is located along Gunn Highway in Citrus Park in between the Veteran’s Expressway and the big WalMart Super Center. This repair center is one of the friendliest, most reputable, and best-known for getting-it-right-the-­first-time in the Citrus Park area.
The “Check Engine” light on my 4-Runner was flashing away on a busy Saturday of running errands, and since I was in the neighborhood I drove straight over to Quick Lane to see if they could diagnose the problem.
Jesse, the on-duty manager, took down my information and handed the SUV off to Dave, one of their certified Master Service Technicians, to take a look. After a thorough check, Dave informed me that the #1 ignition coil was failing, and agreed to make the repairs while I waited. Pretty amazing considering that I had no appointment, and this was the Saturday before Christmas!
He replaced the coil, the spark plug, and performed an air and fuel induction service – which basically involves blasting the crap out of all the built-up carbon junk in the air throttle and chambers. A few hours of hard and messy work, and Dave had my Toyota purring like a happy kitten.
I’ve used these guys many times over the years, and always been very pleased with their professionalism. You can either drop-off your vehicle (after hours is fine), sit and wait in the customer lounge or out in the service bays, or ask for a courtesy shuttle to take you back home or to your office (and then pick you up after the work is completed).
Gary is the manager, and you’ll find him, Jesse, and Neil on the front desk, and a host of professional technicians staffing the various bays. They can handle everything from a simple oil change or tuneup, all the way up through more complicated work on brakes, transmissions, and air conditioning.
I’m very pleased with the quality of their work, and will continue to use their services.